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Hair Outaquin have joined Sustainable Salons Australia where 95% of everything we use will be recycled along with helping a range of charities. This means a $2 Green fee will apply to every salon visit.

Hair Cuts (include shampoo and blow dry at no additional cost)

Senior Stylist
Salon Director
Haircut -  n/a $106 $117
Restyle Haircut -  n/a $116 $127
Barber Cut -  n/a $73 n/a
Restyle Barber Cut -  n/a $80 n/a
Curl or set finishes -  n/a POA

Styling (Please remember a blow dry is not an up style) Pre purchase blow dry packages available offering 25% discount. Contact salon for details

 Senior Stylist
Salon Director
Basic blow dry -  n/a
$57.50 (above top of shoulder) $63.50
Blow dry -  n/a
$71 $78
Cloud 9 straight +service
Cloud 9 curl +service
Cloud 9 finish is + service as in added to a blow dry or haircut.


  Stylist Senior Stylist
Salon Director
Std colour (Rts) from -  n/a
$103 $114
Extra product/col mix -  n/a
$31.50 per mix $35

(prices may vary due to length, thickness and individual requirements) Olaplex is available on all services as well as a stand alone service. Refer Olaplex price schedule.

Bleach applications and Colour Splash colours are extra depending on requirements.

Colour corrections are quoted as a case by case after physical consultation.

All colour corrections require a physical consultation prior (ie. Dark to blonde or non natural -blue, purple etc- to blonde) This includes balayage services.


Foils / Meche

(Foils start from $104 unless with std colour) Olaplex is available for all services as well as stand alone service. Refer Olaplex price schedule. Foil + colour package prices available.

  Stylist Senior Stylist Salon Director
Top section -  n/a
$73 (with std colour - up to 2 colours) $80
Up to 1/4 -  n/a
$104 (up to 2 colours) $114
1/2 head -  n/a
$145 $160
3/4 head -  n/a
$170 $187
Full head basic -  n/a
$201 $221
Full head standard -  n/a
$226.50 $249
Extra product -  n/a
$31.50 per mix $35

(Foils based on standard 5-8 week re-growth ONLY application)

When receiving a foil / meche service with a standard colour (block colour in between) the foil price is reduced as a package.

Please be aware that salons descriptions vary for what you will receive for your foil service. For example some salons 3/4 foil application is what Hair Outaquin would describe as a 1/2 foils and a 1/2 like our quarter etc.

Re-Texture for curl, body or relax + perms, Xtenso

  Salon Director
Short - $178   Perm $198 $195    Perm $228
Long - $260   Perm $291 $288    Perm $323
Extra product - $57 $60
Xtenso Moisture - from $310 -$550
from $330 - $600
Please note relax or body appointments can only be taken with a haircut or finish appointment. Above pricing is re texture portion only (Extra product may be required based on thickness and individual requirements). Xtenso Moisture pricing includes finish as part of process. Xtenso Moist pricing is starting price only. Salon needs to see hair prior (no charge) and 50% deposit is required to book an Xtenso Moist service in person first time.

Keratin Smoothing Straightening (GK Best"NEW")

Price Range - $435 to $615

Very very thick hair (like afro)
+ $50 to above range

Please note we are unable to take an appointment for this service until we have seen your hair. This can be via email - two pics one from side one from back showing hair full length and down, please contact reception for further details. Should you wish to proceed a 50% deposit is required to reserve a Keratin smoothing treatment service.

Please note the above prices are starting prices only, cost will increase based on length and thickness of hair not how curly or frizzy.

Olaplex + PCC Bond Repair Service Pre purchase packages available saving 20% off listed prices

  Olaplex La Biosthetique PCC
With colour
Express $35 Deluxe $45 Ultimate $80
Added to haircut
Express $35 Deluxe $45 Ultimate $80
Added to blow dry
Express $35 Deluxe $45 Ultimate $80
Extra Product
Extra thick/long hair mixes add $25+
$10 Per Ampule

Olaplex takes a little longer so please mention on booking. We may be able to add to a service at time but cannot guarantee. Ultimate service includes Take home No 3 at no extra. PCC is the latest in Plex's and is 5x stronger than Olaplex plus not take home requirement. But Olaplex still a great option

 The above prices are with another service as indicated. An Olaplex or PCC service without any other service is available plus $10

Restructuring / Permanent Straightening / Thermal Re Bonding 

  Principal Senior
Packages available
Ultimate Permanent thermal re-bonding package- inc full Olaplex pro service, cut, Olaplex take home, take home shampoo/conditioner+treatment $955
After Care Permanent thermal re-bonding package- inc take home shampoo/conditioner+ treatment $875
Olaplex Permanent thermal re-bonding package- inc full Olaplex pro service and take home Olpalex $855
Standard Permanent thermal re-bonding -Just rebonding service
Existing Re Bonding clients excluding afro hair - Less $100 off above prices IF within 2 years of last

A consultation is required (at no charge). A 50% bond deposit is required on booking any re bonding appointment. (in person first time)

Due to the nature of the service and time required we are only able to reserve appointment times for this service once we have received the deposit. Which we cannot do without seeing the hair. Quality of the results comes first. We are happy to forgo an appointment rather than run the risk of a poor outcome via lack of planning or time.

Haircut is also supplied at appointment if required at no extra cost on Ultimate package. Otherwise haircut at half price available with thermal re-bonding if desired



Basin treatment - $16 to $25 for ampules

Brazilian Blow Out ends repair service - $60

Treatments prices if with another service eg blowdry etc

Packages - Blow dry package+ Olaplex packages + Olaplex blow dry combo package

LaBiosthetique PCC package. 5 PCC'S
Blow dry package. 3 blow drys valid 6 mths from purchase
Olaplex Package. 5 Olaplex Pro services with Olaplex 1+2 valid 12 mths from purchase
$180 (add on package option only)

Please note Olaplex/PCC  only package is an add so can only be used with another service.

Please Note Olaplex/PCC  only service with no other service at all will be plus $10

Brazilian Blow Out Ends Repair System -

Ends Repair -

Ends Repair with curl finish - $75

(this is an add on service, add to haircut or blow dry cost)

Tape Hair Extensions

New Hair (based on 18") - 22" and balayage tapes also available, add $100 for each upgrade.

Half (up to 20 pieces) $385     Re application (remove & re apply same hair) $170

Full (up to 40 pieces) $685     Re application (remove & re apply same hair) $255

Half (up to 20 pieces) remove only $135

Full (up to 40 pieces) remove only $185

Please be aware we have a minimum price plus per section for any removal, reapplication or application only.

ALL tape services include a shampoo and blow dry or iron finish. Applications include hair blend cut after tapes applied (this is not a full haircut). All tape appointments require a physical consultation and 50% deposit on booking. Prices for applications are based on Hair Outaquin supplied hair. $50 surcharge applies to hair not supplied/sold by Hair Outaquin.

Also if we apply hair supplied by customer there is no guarantees. If tape slips costs will apply.

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