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Colour Transformation

Jason Outten - Monday, December 16, 2019
Colour Transformations..... starting points and time frames. The real world

If you are one colour and want to be another, unless its to be darker. It will take time and $
If your current colour is not natural it will take more time and will cost more $’s
If your current colour is not natural and via a box next to where you get your cornflakes 
Its going to take waaaaay more time and waaaay more $’s IF its even possible

The best transformations are the ones where the client has a realistic understanding and expectation
of the process from where they are currently at.....and a stylist that explains it.

Imagine this
Black is 1 ....................... 10 is Very light blonde The bigger the distance you have to travel to go lighter
(towards 10 from lower number) the more time and cost.
BUT even that depends on hairs ability to handle the process.

Here we have one appointment going lighter from previous darker colour.
The plan here is not to go “blonde”, just lighter. Check it out

Want to maintain ? Less work at each appointment.
Want to go lighter ? More work, but we’re step closer.
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