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Colour correction

Jason Outten - Sunday, December 01, 2019
Colour correction

Stage 1. The trip to blonde

Whats going on ? Lets explain

In this before + after we have taken both pictures in the same natural light at front reception.

First the before picture
There is a lot of history in this hair. From blonde to brown to a few blonde attempts and some colour stripping. Hence the lighter from roots (as the most natural hair so will lighten easier) But darker colour will hold on longer through the mids & ends. As you can see here.

It will grab unevenly and patchy. All depending on what was put on both before and after. You can see all the different tones from just above ear height and below.
So the desired outcome request was not going to be possible and accepting a different tone of blonde was initial option. There was also going to be the situation where those darker unwanted tones are still not going to go away in one visit.

The plan
To start the process and work towards an end goal. Which is a lot lighter, cleaner and no requirement for toners.
This is why we only take appointments like this after a consultation in person. Realistic expectations explained and quoted as done here so clients fully aware before making a decision.

This after
We’re on our way but still a way to go. Another visit like this one and we can reassess at continuing later on with less work as appointments stop becoming colour corrections.
Eventually the darker tones will be gone, the orange undertones will disappear and we can focus on a cleaner lighter blonde. Foils without toning

But.... its a journey that most won’t stick too and look for quicker alternatives Unfortunately that commonly leads to compromised hair and results
Hair is a fibre it takes time to keep changing
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