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Jason Outten - Sunday, September 08, 2019

Balayage.... Wanting to go lighter?
We're kinda happy with this one :)... and No there is no extensiosn used. Before + After ALL own hair

But lets talk Balayage > Lets get real

How long does it take ?
How longs the hair ?
How thicks the hair ?
Whats the last 5 year colour history ?
Have you had that “technique” done recently?
If you have are you needing the lighter tones lifted ? Because that requires breaking through the darker colour coming down.
Is your root colour natural or previously darker colour into light ?
Do you have colour on now ?
How many times have you had colour ?
What type of colour ?
What type of end result do you want as balayage is a technique ?

etc etc etc .....

How much does it cost ?
Refer to above questions...

Last week we did one that took 4 hours to do.
Today we did one that was 5 hours
This week we have another one that first session was 5 hours. Next session 5-6 hours and then we will assess where we are at then.
Some 2 hours.

It is not a one size fits all. It could only take an hour or two ? Actually when you see salons posting “Balayage $149”. Thats a little hand painted lightener brushed through to the ends. On virgin hair. A “balayage” technique most would not achieve THEIR results with.
Try getting that with dark brown hair and wanting a creamy baby light blonde flowing from your part.

Most Balayage results these days require corrective colour work during or prior the service. Either because of dark hair or worse dark colour. Most balayage applications are a progressive approach towards a goal that could take time.

If you would like a Balayage appointment with us we’d love to see you.....BUT only once we have had a physical pre consultation prior. Once that is done we are more than happy to look at booking a suitable time frame.  YOU will know what to expect both in results and cost, and we will have the right amount of time and technician to deliver that for YOU


Jason Outten - Monday, September 02, 2019
The RED HAIR Journey

The above from top left was a little under 18 month journey

A little while ago we wrote a post about last minute calls for amazing hair that takes time.
About how people call same day for what requires a 4-5 hr or longer time frame.

The initial start (not caused by us) Another salons attempt
at taking platinum blonde

Calling for amazing hair that took planning and that much time,
but then wanting to be rushed or squeezed in. We don’t rush and
we do not squeeze. We either have the correct time or we don’t.

Initially to Brunette then finally to BLACK once got used to darker

We are aware there is a growing trend for some salons to just take every possible
booking and then try and work it out later. Generally they are heavily geared with
apprentices doing the work and senior stylists stretched between 3-4 clients at the same time.

We’re a little more professional than that and respect our clients time and investment.
So we invest back.

Then the first RED experience

Here we have a journey one of our clients went through, and is still on.
We’re waiting for the next episode.

But it did not initially start with us. The first blonde picture was another salon taking Bianca blonde.
Platinum blonde  .... or so they thought. They just lightened and lightened until the hair snapped off.

Every angle looks amazing.

So in we stepped. Very limited in what we could do but we had to start somewhere.
But check out where we are now in less than 18 months.

Initially we went brown. If you have a lot of damage darker is a good place to start.
... We focused on conditioning and have used La Biosthetique PCC at every stage
(5 x Stronger than any other Plex)

Later we decided blacks better and kept it there until the condition and length had
come back a bit. Then red .... deep to start as going too light requires more
work and we needed to keep an eye on integrity. Now after last appointment.
We could push brighter.

This weeks finale

This is what happens when you plan and trust your stylist and their advice.
Its not a last minute squeeze in appointment. You won’t wake up one morning,
pick the phone up and get these results.

We achieved the BRIGHTER RED

You can’t see this and think “i’ll get that today” Trust the process and maybe not
same day but soon ....ENJOY :)

Online Quotes

Jason Outten - Monday, August 26, 2019
Online quotes and why we don't do them....

We are fully dedicated to giving you the Full Salon Experience, without a professional
consultation we are unable to determine where your hair is currently at, and therefore
what we need to do to get you to the results you are wanting.

If you are serious about looking after your hair, and committing to giving your hair the
attention it needs to be able to achieve the desired look.
Then you will need to take the time to allow us to know what we are dealing with,
and therefore what will be required to achieve YOUR look.

We are more than happy about giving you the advice and information (including price)
for YOU to be able to achieve and Maintain YOUR Hair throughout the year...
We like to give you the knowledge and tools as soon as we know what is required.

"How much for blonde"? a common question.
How can anyone possibly answer that over the phone or social media?

Unfortunately a few think that when they see an image a quick “how much” comment
will result in a “this much” response.

One image you see online could be one appointment for one person,
half a dozen for another, an hour for one, 3 hours for someone else,
and impossible to achieve for some.

We understand that some people just want to “know now” “haven’t got time” etc
But in order for us to do our job to the standard and professionalism we strive towards.
We need to know a lot before we can start. The amazing hair you commented on was
not a result of a quick cheap in and out service.

In summary imagine this. One client was transformed over the last 12 months and was
wrapped where her hair was at. It was a journey we went on. We posted a picture and
first comment was “how much”. How do we answer that? Do you want the total cost of the
last 8 appointments? Just the cost of the last appointment ? Because the last only came
out that way because of the start we had that day. All of which is only relevant to the client
in the picture.

For all these reasons and more we don’t (cannot) quote or consult over social media.
We take our profession and clients seriously.

We’re not everyones cup of tea and if we’re not yours we’re totally fine with that.

Permanent Straightening

Jason Outten - Monday, August 19, 2019
Permanent Hyrdo Rebonded Straightening. Straightening hair with the power of water.
Think of your hair when it’s soaking wet ... its limp, flat, smooth, shiny and an increase
slip feel while maximising the moisture level.
Now imagine if we can pull the water into your hair shaft and give you a similar feeling
when its dry and make it permanent.
Permanently straight and moisturised at the same time.


Now take that technology and place it in the hands of the most experienced Hair Straightening
salon in Perth and you’ll never look back.


Hair Straightening is a very particular set of skills along with a very focused level of attention to detail.
Unfortunately the common level around is slap the product on and set a timer.
Approaching every head like a text book application. That will only deliver mediocre results at best.
Will you like ?
Yes as a comparison to not having.... but
A lot of our clients often say they would get “wherever” in the past.
But once we did there was no way they were going elsewhere again.
They cannot believe the difference. You can read their comments in our reviews.


We book one experienced stylist who has had specific permanent straightening training.
(Which can take a long time to train)
Booked with YOU the entire service.
Different stylists have different tensions and two different stylists on one head is not going to
offer optimal results.
That stylist will have no other clients booked in the entire time. Just YOU as their only focus.
Every step, every strand is meticulously attended to. It can make a big difference to longevity and results.


You see that haircut

Jason Outten - Sunday, August 04, 2019

You see that haircut you like.
Just like the other one you liked on the post last week?

You’re ready, you make the call. But you cannot get an appointment ...
but you’re calling at 5pm trying to get in same day and the salon closes at 5.30pm .....
You plead with things like “just a quick cut” “won’t take long” “you don’t have to wash or dry it”

Seriously. Do you think thats how that cut you saw was done ? Last minute ?
Squeeze in ? No pre plan ? ...... Nope it did not.

It was more than likely at a pre booked appointment. There was time for a professional consultation.
There was time to do it professionally. Including the shampoo + style at end.
So we can cross check the haircut in all its forms. So it’s done right

.... but this actually happens. The call or the walk in and the “NOW” request..
That is not how great hair works

Sure if we have the time last minute we will do. But the majority of our clients have booked their appointments long
before the actual day. If we are booked we will NOT double book and not squeeze in or rush anyone.

Want THAT cut. Take a journey with us and lets do it properly and maybe the next “that cut”
you see is actually YOURS

Hair requests

Jason Outten - Sunday, July 28, 2019
Requests that result in a NO + why

What happens if your car is not working and you need it fixed? Do you call a mechanic and ask “how much” to fix?
How long will it take? Can you fix it?
How are they going to know if they don’t know the problem ? If you were the mechanic would you take the customers word
on what the problem was or would you need to see for yourself before you could answer any questions?
The majority of time a salon wants to give you an answer but cannot answer an impossible question
Think about that and read on

Coloured hair that is dark. Wanting to go lighter but just by putting a lighter colour over. No foils. No lightener.
Colour does not lift colour. It will not work. The outcome will be the darker of the two colours, which is what you have.
Most people ask not to have the lightener or foils etc as it costs more.
But thats what it needs.

Wanting to book a hair colour appointment after a home or other salon disaster but do not want to come in for a consult first.
The fix could be an hour,it could be a day. It may not even be possible in a day or at all. So what do we book out for that appointment?
Are you happy to pay regardless? No of course not. Just as we are unable to guess

Dark coloured hair wanting lighter “specific” tones in one standard appointment.
Impossible to know outcome until its done. May take several appointments, or longer.
So as long as you do not care what the colour comes out at 1st appt. ok. If not. No

Hair colour in pic was over pre lightened balayge and would take several appointments
to prep hair before final colour was achieved

Home colour or dark colour and wanting to book foils without a consultation, strand test prior.
Last time that happened the foils literally started to burn via chemical reaction because of what was on the hair.
Home colour and no test. No appointment.
If wanting same colour or darker no problem

Blonde shown is a regular blonde foil client 6-8 weekly so maintenance a lot easier.
Plus no toner required

Excessively curly or frizzy hair wanting a short sleek haircut style. But does not want to spend any time on hair.
You’ll hate your hair. It will never sit right unless you style it that way

Wanting a perm because you think like hair straightening you will now have perfect curls all the time.
A perm gives your hair the support/body for your curls to last all day. Once you style it.

Perm shown was styled to look this way. Perm gives structure to look

Asking for $500 results with a $200 budget.
Price is a consequence of the results.
That's why we ask so many questions.

Balayage reality

Jason Outten - Monday, July 15, 2019
Balayage Reality

...Client in picture has been having balayage technique for few years. This did not happen over night.
Application time (not inc process and finish) 2.5 hours. Start point was over a year ago 6 weekly visits.

Lets get some reality into perspective

We’ll start with this.......

Guy Tang (one of the worlds most famous colourist's) used a great analogy.
If you went to a dermatologist for your acne you would not
expect to pay for the first session and then get the rest for free until your skin cleared up.

Unless your hair is virgin (no colour on) or naturally lighter. It is a colour correction service and will NOT
be able to achieve desired look at one appointment.
We have to break through that darker colour and your under tones will come through. Yellow, gold, orange etc
and patchy, bandy etc.
depending on all your colour history prior.

....Hair in picture has been a transition of colours over time. This one took 5 hours
for this stage and was over a year to get to here.

No colour in your hair ? If its naturally dark it will still have undertones.
We hear “no colour in my hair” all the time. If you have had colour, any colour, even “semi” or “rinse out” NO they don’t.
Even if you cannot see its on your hair. If your hair is passed your shoulder that could mean colour from 2,3,5 + years ago.
The amount of time people do not believe a colour from 2-3 years ago is still in their hair is amazing.
Then they wonder what the banding is.

We haven’t even taken into account medical history. Medication history collects i your hair like a timeline.
This even effects colour.

....Client in picture has naturally light hair and was almost virgin application.
Application time (not inc process and finish) 2 hours.

It will take several appointments and depending on how light etc could take a year. How many sessions ?
That depends on YOUR hair. You cannot predict the unknown....and the amount of times we hear
"my hair lightens easy", "my hair will do it in one go"...... It may, but what if it does not ?

.....Clients hair in picture was about 4-5 colour appointments before we achieved these tones.
But as so short it requires regular maintenance.
If left too long the darker tones drop too low and you are back to square one and another
4-5 appointments away from achieving this finish

Your hair will go through stages and you won’t be leaving the salon with the tones you always want,
and yes you will have to pay for the work done at each stage. You are not paying for a finished result
when it comes to big colour changes. You are paying for the time, expertise and labor to get you there.

Unfortunately most people think they are going to get some amazing result at one or two standard sessions.

.....Client in picture took a year to get towards this colour and tone. Now maintained every 8-12 weeks.
Let it grow out and you are back to the beginning. Another year

So lets get realistic. Most balayage colours are corrections and take hours. They are not cheap and if
chasing a particular exact tone it may take longer, if possible at all.

Balayage is a technique. Not a colour

Hair Straightening Done Right

Jason Outten - Sunday, June 23, 2019
If YOU got a great haircut would YOU find out what brand of scissors the hairdresser used
then call around to find someone using the same ones ? Then expect the same result.. No

We do a lot of chemical straightening and quiet often people think they can get same result
elsewhere if they use the same product.

You won’t. Just like the same scissors won’t give you the same haircut. Its just a tool.

Picture below is a classic example. It is an existing Permanent Hair Straightening client
you can see the regrowth. But more importantly you can see the straight hair past the re growth.
The hair we straightened last year.

We see people almost every week come in saying they have had permanent straightening
But they have not, yet they believe they have because the salon said they did.
If YOUR hair is still not straight. You DID NOT.

The product is 50% of the result. About 2-3 times a month we will hear these words
 “But they used the same product”

This is when they come back to see us and see if we can fix it after going somewhere else.

If YOU want the BEST results then call us.

Do YOU believe that just with a good product anyone can get the result below in this picture ?

NO they cannot. Sorry but that is the way it is

Just using the products the best hair straightening salon in Perth uses.
Will not give YOU the best results

WE DO........

Balayage is dying

Jason Outten - Monday, June 03, 2019
Balayage is dying ?

Maybe ? Maybe not ?

Here is another old blonde balayage being transformed into a little less maintenance.
Still more depth at the roots without the blown out blonde mids/ends to keep “toned”.

Balayage has definitely evolved and not as popular as it used to be.
We are finding there is a lot more diversity in cuts, colours and styles.

Balayage has become more of a "i want less maintenence" instead of trying for that beautiful
blonde tone. More people are realising that it is NOT always low maintenance.

Deeper or lighter than natural base means roots need 4-6 weekly attention.
Brighter cleaner blonde needs the right at home care + toners if mainly achieved via bleach.

We have not even spoken about achieving the result in first place. Most are actual colour corrections
before we can even start. The client just does not have the correct starting point from where they need to be
to achieve their desired result.

Pictured below is an example. We wanted lighter but that will be a journey due to previous colour build up and throwing
an unwanted red tone. Do you want to be in the salon all day ? Or are you happy to work towards,
At the end of the day it is all time and money.

The effect has been achieved. Just not end goal yet.

Unfortunately a lot of people get impatient and jump from salon to salon. Not allowing the
salon to work with them, to get to know their hair. Then achieve what is desired.
Every session becomes a new stylist listening to the story of the last and deep down they
know it was not exactly like that. But they will try and please.

Eventually a stylist is fortunate enough for the hair to be one step away from desired result
and the client thinks they are a colour genius. With reality being all the previous stylists laying the foundation.

Classic example is when someone is going lighter, or needs to before new colour can be started.
Client thinking one or two appointments. If that. When reality is all depending on YOUR hair.
It does not always lift easy, even if it has before (how many times as a colourist been told, "it lifts easy") .

Every time is a new canvas.

We are not a salon built on the balayage age. We do more. We adapt to trends as they come and go.
We focus on YOUR hair and knowing what it can and cannot do.

Just check out our social media platforms and all that diversity in hair.

Not 500+ pics of vintage wave balayage insta models
Real clients. Real hair . Picture below. Foils only + NO TONER.

Not even in between 6-8 weekly visits. Busy working Mums don't have time for that

Social media has a lot to answer for as far as false expectations go.
But also a great tool to advise and educate. Providing some context goes with the image.

When you’re ready we’re ready

#PerthHairdresser #HairSalon #Hair

Hair Colour

Jason Outten - Sunday, May 26, 2019
Hair Colour

There is a lot out there and technology changes all the time. Colour is now more conditioning,
longer lasting and has a lot less of the nasties. If any at all.

This colour is actually ammonia + ppd free and vegan

One of the biggest known ingredients is ammonia although some products do not have any ammonia (we carry non ammonia products)
“Ammonia” sounds scary ? Not really. As with most ingredients the devil is in the dosage. Ammonia is made up of Hydrogen and Nitrogen.
Ammonia is commonly found throughout nature and is harmless in the relevant dosage. Even water can harm you in the wrong dosage.

In colour it is used to swell the cuticle to allow colour to penetrate the hair and deposit. But as technology gets better ammonia is less used. Like in our products with Micro Pigment technology.

Did you know we added a lower ammonia less “chemically” colour range a few years back ?

We even have ammonia free 100% grey coverage

Another ammonia FREE Colour

It uses Micro Pigment Technology allowing pigments on a much smaller scale to penetrate and attach better. Without the harsher chemicals doing the work.
Creating more intense, longer lasting colour.

Our colour is actually coconut oil infused with Aloe Vera for moisture + Made in Italy and waaaaay more conditioning + healthy for the hair than most products.  ... it even strengthens via rice protein, which also intensifies shine + generates correct scalp hydration

One of main things our clients mention is “no strong chemical smell” We even have full ammonia free. 

Another commonly mentioned ingredients by spooked colour wanters is PPD. Usually found in more permanent colours and ideal for reds and violets. It allows colour to attach and resist being washed out.

It is an ingredient some people are allergic too. Hence why we have a PPD free range available too.

But lets not take out of context. People are allergic to nuts too. Buts nuts are not the problem as most are totally fine with. We would be lucky if we came across one person a year with a PPD allergy. There are no consistent peer reviewed studies proving any issues with this ingredient. But as with most things online people will persist otherwise.

We even have ammonia FREE lightening available

At Hair Outaquin we are always keeping aware of improvements. Testing and trying along the way.

Always aiming to offer our clients the latest healthiest technology with results.

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